What is Soft2base ?

Soft2Base is a free portable Application Manager for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32/64 bits).

Based on its
auto-updated catalog of free softwares, it will highlights outdated or missing applications and propose to download and install them in a single step.

Use it to add efficient tools to your new Windows setups but also to upgrade already installed applications.

Soft2base says NO to unneeded tool bars and other junks.

The GUI is in English, French and Italian, but you can install applications in any language.

The Silent Install mode supports English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Soft2base can be used offline to deploy applications from a USB drive.


Soft2base.exe is ready to run, even on fresh Windows install.
Nothing to install, no requirement, no additional runtime needed.

All you need is Windows XP, Vista or Seven in either 32 or 64bits.

Quick Start

Download soft2base.exe and run it.

Main Features


All downloads and installations are processed automatically.

Soft2base detects existing versions: applications upgrade becomes sooooo easy :)


The applications can be silently installed in
  • English (default)
  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Suomi
  • Svenska
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese

Other languages are still available throught the non-silent install.

The GUI is available in English, French and Italian.

If you want to help translating, contact us:

Free and Legal

No registration required, install free applications, no piracy.

Wants to help up ? Please use the Donate button and send any amount.


Always up-to-date thanks to the online applications catalog.

Can run offline from an USB drive

Parallel download of application. First ready it is installed while other downloads are completed.

Applications are installed with default parameters, without junk, without toolbar. But you can still use the standard install (non-silent) to customize your particular setup.


The application catalog is automatically updated when starting soft2base.

When a newer version of the soft2base executable is available, you will be ask to confirm to download it to replace the current executable. It is then restarted.

User Manual

Standard usage

  • Run soft2base.exe
  • Adapt filters to your needs
  • Select applications in the list view or load a system or custom profile
    • Optionaly, save your list in a profile
  • Press [Next>]
    • At this point,you can press [< Back ] to select more applications
  • Adapt download&install options to your needs, select application language
    • In the listview, the last column is indicating in which language the application will be installed (default is English-US (en))
  • Press [Install>] (or [Download>] depending on the options)
  • Missing dependencies are added if needed (.NET, DirectX or Java RE ...)
  • Downloads are started (in parallel) when the setup files is not found in local cache
  • First ready, first installed (one at a time)
  • Have a break ;)


Parameters can be provided via the command line  (ex /DOWNLOADONLY=1) or via an ini file (default soft2base.ini), in the [soft2base] section.

The special command line parameter /SETTINGS=<filename> allows to specify a configuration file other than the default soft2base.ini.

Parameters are not case sensitive.

 Parameters  Comment     Default value
 /REPOSITORY=<dir> Defines where are stored the downloaded setup files.
Useful for the offline mode.
Forces the installation of the 32bits version of the applications  Any value activates this parameter
 /64 Forces the installation of the 64bits version of the applications.
Useful to download (only) x64 setup files while on a 32 bits system.
 Any value activates this parameter
Location of the source catalog.
Can be a local file or a URL.
 Downloaded from site.
Do not use any proxy to connect to internet.  Use Internet Explorer proxy settings.
 /HTTPS_PROXY=<url> Use a specif address as proxy to connect to internet.          Empty i.e. uses Internet Explorer proxy settings.
 /APP=appCode1[,appCode2...] Specify selected applications
 Default: empty
 /SILENTINSTALL=[1|0] Activate the Silent Install (automatic) option
 1 - True
 /NEWERONLY=[1|0]  Desactivate the Install without comparing version option  1 - True    
 /DOWNLOADONLY=[1|0]  Activate the Download only (no install) option
 0 - False    

 Filter the list of applications defined by APP to keep only upgradable applications (i.e. already installed)
 0 - False    
 /AUTOUPDATE=[1|0]  Activate the self-update function
 1 - True 
 /S or /VERYSILENT=[1|0]  Activate the very silent installation of applications (no GUI displayed).
To be used with at least APP
 0 - False   
 /SILENT=[1|0]  Activate the silent installation of applications (GUI is displayed).
To be used with at least APP
 0 - False 

 Hide the intial Splash screen      0 - False 

Logs filename  %temp%\soft2base\soft2base.log 
 /APPLANG=<LCID>  Language ID of the applications to install. 
 Available lcid are:
  • 1033 en-US
  • 1025 ar
  • 1026 bg
  • 1027 ca
  • 1028 zh-TW
  • 1029 cs
  • 1030 da
  • 1031 de
  • 1032 el
  • 1034 es
  • 1035 fi
  • 1036 fr
  • 1037 he
  • 1038 hu
  • 1040 it
  • 1041 ja
  • 1042 ko
  • 1043 nl
  • 1044 nb
  • 1045 pl
  • 1046 pt-BR
  • 1048 ro
  • 1049 ru
  • 1053 sv
  • 1054 th
  • 1055 tr
  • 1057 id
  • 1058 uk
  • 1066 vi
  • 2052 zh-CN
  • 2070 pt-PT
 System LCID if available else 1033
 /L or /LANG=<LCID>  Soft2base GUI language.
 Available lcid are:
  • 1033 en-US
  • 1031 de
  • 1036 fr
  • 1040 it
  • 1046 pt-BR
 System LCID if available else 1033

Example of soft2base.ini:

; 1, true  = checked
; 0, false = unchecked
app=speccy,chrome  ; pre-select these 2 applications

silentinstall=1    ; install application silently
neweronly=1        ; upgrade only if existing version is older 
downloadonly=0     ; when true, download only and do not install
applang=1048       ; Application setup language
l=1040             ; Soft2base GUI language (1033 en, 1036 fr, 1040 it)           

;offline mode sample
repository=..\cache        ; files are in the "..\cache" directory
ini=..\cache\apps_b.ini    ; use the local catalog (static in this case for read only offline)

App Filters

In the GUI ...

How to use custom lists of applications

There are several ways to select applications in the list view.

  • Manually ;)
  • Using the APP parameter (from the command line or soft2base.ini)
  • Using a system profile in the Profiles menu: minimum, medium, maximum
  • Using a custom profile in the Profiles menu
    • You need first to create a custom profile
    • custom profiles are saved in soft2base.ini

Download and Install options

Silent usage

Soft2base.exe can run silently itself (!) thanks to the /Silent and /Verysilent parameters

Obviously, you need to specify some applications in the APP parameter.

USB mode  (updatabled or not)

You can copy the Soft2base executable, the catalog and all application setup files in a USB drive for offline installations.


  • Copy soft2base.exe and soft2base.ini in a USB drive
  • Create a cache directory
  • Edit soft2base.ini and link the repository parameter to this cache directory
    repository=cache        ; files are in the "cache" directory
  • Run soft2base.exe, select your application and use the download only flag. Press the Download button
  • Your cache directory now contains a copy of the catalog and all setup files

Example of directory structure:


If you plan to run soft2base on mix x32/x64 architecture, you can force the download of x32 and x64 versions of the applications by using the 32=1 or 64=1 flags in softbase.ini (or /32 /64 on the command line)

Execution on the target machine

  • Simply run soft2base.exe

  • if Internet is available, the catalog will be updated (as well as setup files when an updated version is available).
    Download once, install everywhere, always up to date

  • if Internet is not available, the local catalog will be used
    Download once, install everywhere, same version of applications

Offline usage (static)

You can use soft2base from a CD or a read-only network drive.

The preparation is the same as for the updatabled mode but you need to force the usage of the local catalog by specifying the ini parameter in soft2base.ini

repository=cache        ; files are in the "cache" directory
ini=cache\apps_b.ini    ; use a local copy of the catalog (static in this case for read-only offline)
autoupdate=false        ; do not verify if soft2base.exe is up-to-date

Structure of the applications catalog

The application catalog is stored in a small ini file.

By default, it is downloaded from the site.

When using a custom cache directory, it will be copied in this directory, with software setup files (for the Offline mode)

Custom sections

The first section is soft2base and contains versionning information about the catalog and the current executable.

The next sections are ending with an _ and describe nodes used in the treeview.

Ex: multimedia_, browsers_ ...

parent=all_                ; all_ is the root node
isnode=true                ; mandatory for all nodes
name_1033=Multimedia       ; name[_<lcid>]=a short description displayed in the treeview

App sections

An application is described in its section. The soft2base executable does not host any custom code for a specific application.

Most sensitive information is crypted but you can update the version yourself.

Soft2base v3.1 will offer a way to add a custom.ini file to the main list to specify our own applications. At that time, the full grammar of the ini will be provided.

You can obviouly already see it in action and update the version field or the description field if you wants a more appropriate information.


check_reg_version==E6B265D83BE06 ; ...
desc_1033=Free media player
desc_1036=Lecteur vidéo
pre_exec==E1B266DD3A976FB2F007CD ; ...
url==E1C265D83BE66EC7F176CD216FD4 ; ...
param==9AC760A93F9414C3F673CA556ADF8901; ...

Some versions have a + sign at the end.
It means that the url of this application is always pointing to the latest version available (i.e. the link does not mention the version).